Specialists' Grading Info

Report Card Guide for Specialists' Grades
(Art, Library, Music and Physical Education)

The primary purpose of the elementary report card is to communicate student progress to parents, students and other staff. The report card documents student performance over a period of time and provides feedback regarding concerns and strengths. Accountability for learning is shared by students, parents and teachers. The intent of the report card is to provide a common understanding of the student's progress and facilitate next steps.

Learning is measured against Washington State Standards common to all students at that grade level. Progress is determined through multiple measures (assessments, student artifacts, informal observations, etc.) It is not the intent of the report card to report on every aspect of learning that occurs in the classroom.

Self-Directed Learner:  Student's ability to function in a learning community.
(Showing Respect, Turning in work, Focusing on Tasks, Taking responsibility for their own learning, etc.)



Contributes to the learning environment for self and others.

  • Applies learning above & beyond grade level expectations.

  • Exhibits exceptional respect & consideration of others.

  • Consistently turns in high quality work early.



Contributes to the learning environment.

  • Consistently stays on task.

  • Participates consistently in all activities

  • Treats others with respect

  • Turns in quality work on time.



Sometimes disrupts the learning environment.

  • Needs reminders to stay on task

  • Participates inconsistently.

  • Does not treat others with respect on occasion.

  • Turns in work late or incomplete, hastily done work.



Disrupts the learning environment.

  • Does not stay on task.

  • Does not participate consistently.

  • Does not treat others with respect.

  • Does not turn in work.

Concept and Skills:  Students ability to Create, Perform, and Reflect




Independently demonstrates concepts/skills above and beyond the requirements.




Independently applies the knowledge, skills, and standards to the concepts being studied.


Approaching Standards

Shows progress, but is not at standard yet. Requires support to apply knowledge, skills and standards.


Area of


Struggles in the subject area.

Shows little or no progress and the performances and/or assignments are incomplete

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