Title 1/LAP Family Involvement Info

Title I/LAP (Learning Assistance Program)

Building Family Involvement Policy


Endeavour Intermediate School

We Communicate with Families:

· Title I/LAP staff will hold a Program Information Meeting for all parents/guardians of students in program. This meeting will include:

1. Explanation of curriculum

2. How student progress is monitored and the level of achievement expected

3. Handouts with tips for parents to help their child with math/reading

4. Web page links for parent and student use

5. Review of Parent Involvement Policy, Parent Compact, and Student Learning Plan

· All Fife Elementary staff conducts Student Led Conferences in both Fall and Spring. Title I/LAP teachers attend these conferences and share the Student Learning Plan and Parent Compact. If a family is unable to attend, a phone conference can be set up and paperwork is mailed home.

· We offer two or more Title I/LAP Parent Partnering for Success Meetings with information about how to help students in math/reading. These meetings are held the hour before Family Game Night to give greater access. An alternate time is offered in case parents are unable to attend.

· Program materials, Parent Involvement Policy, Parent Compact, and Student Learning Plan are all available for parent review at Open House, Conferences, and as desired throughout the year.

· The school will provide interpreters, at no cost to families, whenever possible to make sure parents are able to communicate in a way that is easiest for them.

We Offer Flexible Times for Meetings to Accommodate Busy Families:

· Meetings are scheduled with at least two choices of times in order to be convenient for parents.

· Parents are able to schedule Student Led Conferences (October and May) at a time that is convenient for them, including evenings.

· Parents are encouraged to meet with the Title I/LAP staff to discuss program and decisions related to their child's needs. Contact may be made by parent or school in any of the following ways: letter or note; phone call; email; face to face; through classroom teacher etc.

· Every effort is made to meet at a time that is convenient for all involved parties

We Work Together with Parents to Develop a Top Quality Program:

· Title I/LAP staff will write a draft of the Parent Involvement Policy, Parent Compact, and Student Learning Plan. Parents are then invited to attend the Parent Advisory Meeting held in June to write the final copy of each of these documents for the next school year.

· Parents of Title I/LAP students are invited to attend the Program Information Meeting at the beginning of the school year. At this time the Parent Involvement Policy, Parent Compact, and Student Learning Plan are all reviewed and changes made as necessary.

· Parents of Title I/LAP students are sent a yearly survey in May and all suggestions for improvement are considered for implementation for the following school year.

· Parent suggestions are welcomed and Title I/LAP staff will do their best to incorporate any suggestion that will make a better program for all participating students.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact-

Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. McDonald - Reading

Mrs. Foyil and Mrs. Ytreeide - Math

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